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“Awaken to the magic of the world”


“Awaken to the magic of the world” Jeff Angelo, Acrylic on linen canvas – 150 cm x 100 cm

This visionary art piece took me around 250 hours of work, I live painting it at Ozora festival in Hungary, then at Modem in Croatia, an other beautiful psytrance festival. Then I came with the painting to Cosm in New york, where I met Alex Grey, Alyson Grey, and lot of beautiful people. I did a live paint during the full moon party of Cosm. In fact the painting was lost in Russia during the transit from Croatia to USA one week just before the event, but by chance it arrived on time. After this I continued the art piece at Hadra festival in France, where I had the chance to paint on the main stage and to meet lof of beautiful people and artists.
Now the painting is finished, I let you feel the energy of the work, and enjoy the pictures of the travel.

I worked on beautiful paper and canvas prints, you can find this just here: CANVAS PRINTS LIMITED EDITION


Beautiful canvas print, stretched:

You can find the prints just here: On paper, and on canvas in limited edition: