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“Child of the stars” Jeff Angelo


220 cm by 160 cm, acrylic painting on linen canvas, by Jeff Angelo

“Child of the stars” is my biggest painting, and probably one of my most accomplished work, the process took me one year and a half, the painting is really big and very detailed.

Despite the size, I’ve took this painting with me into planes and bus to live paint it during Ozora festival 2018 Edition, thousands of people have seen me live painting this piece.

The painting describes some very profound experiences I had during my spiritual life like astral travels and connection with the cosmos with medidation and chamanism. It describes lot of things but especially the connection we can have with the stars, in fact as humans, we are stardust, we are child of the stars, this is just remembering what we are.

You can find some paper prints and limited edition canvas prints of this work on my website in the art shop section, I’ve finished the painting only in December 2019, but it’s already my best selling artwork, big thank you for your supports.

Canvas prints: HERE

Paper prints: HERE