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Awakening of consciousness – Final Version and story


Here is the final version of “Awakening of conscioussness”, Acrylic painting started in 2017, and finished in 2018
Size: 200 CM x 150 CM

(English is not my primary language, sorry if you see some misspellings) The painting represents years of meditation and very powerfull experiences I really wanted to share. As I’m not the only human to live thoses states of consciousness, and I feel that we are more and more to awake, the painting represents the awakening of consciousness of the humanity.
When the ego disapears, there is no separation between the self and the universe, the self becomes the universe, everything is accessible and connected, it’s so amazing.
We are the water, the trees, the sky, the birds, the wind, the stars … We are all and nothing at the same time. We are masculine and feminine, dark, and light.

Death is an illusion, life continue eternaly.

I think the painting speaks by itself, so I will not add more words.

Around 2 months after started the canvas, I had the chance to bring it with me to Ozora Festival 2017 in Hungary, and live painted it during one week, and during one day on the main stage of the festival. What a beautiful experience. Thank you to all the team, and a special thanks to Neko.

At the end of the festival the painting was really near to be finished but I decided to start other pieces, the canvas was finished in 2018.

Canvas Print Limited Edition:

If you want to support me and have a part of this art piece with you, I do Paper prints hand signed in Open Edition, and in bigger sizes, Canvas prints in limited Edition, just here:
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