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“Metanoia” – Final version and story of the painting


Here is the final version of “Metanoia”, Acrylic painting started in 2016, and finished in 2018
Size: 200 CM x 150 CM

(English is not my primary language, sorry if you see some misspellings) Metanoia is my first visionary painting, before this one my artistic journey was a long succession of tests, faillures and resignations. As I’m self taught, the last years were really not easy. And what makes me did a lot of progress in art was not to try to paint or draw but the life itself, travels, difficulties, to be in nature, meditate a lot, understand the universe, fight against addiction, and to have embraced my hypersensibility . I started Metanoia after some long sessions of meditation in the forest, I knew at this moment I was ready to be an artist and that my life will change forever, it was like an awakening.
And yes this canvas was started just some days after this, in 2016, I painted it during 7 months, 7 months of really hard works, it was really intense, and I was really happy of the result. It was 95% finished at the end of 2016 but I wasn’t able to finish it. I did some others paintings and finished metanoia only in 2018.

A lot of people can see a miror of themself into this painting. Metanoia means a complete transformation of the being, like the process of the chrysalis, a real metamorphosis of the person. Before that I was a person trying to see the source, now I’m the source observing the person. Sure I can still be absorbed by the person and the story, or I would not be here to speak and paint, but the look has profondly changed. Now I think I can let this painting speeks by itself without adding more words.

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