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“Humano Divino” – Final version and story of the painting


“Humano Divino” – Final version and story of the painting

(English is not my primary language, sorry if you see some misspellings) Humano Divino represents the human energy beyond our physical body and the fact that our energy resonates eternaly in the universe. Our thoughs creates our reality and the world we live in, and the world creates at the same time though in our being, it works in both direction It’s so complex and so beautiful at the same time. We are discovering the universe and we are creating it at the same time. We are the universe. As a cell of our body is not separate from the body, we are not separate from the universe. In some way, we are a cell of the universe.
We are divine.
The wings represented in the painting are not physical but spiritual/Metaphorical wings, the more we are in peace, the more we understand what we are, the more we reconnect to the source, and the more we are able in some way to “fly” and make the experience of freedom.
The light language is coming from the source and is beyond material world, in a certain state of consciousness, I’m able to see them everywhere.
I could speak a lot about but I prefer let the painting speaks.

Some pictures here during the progress:

Paper prints:

Canvas print:

If you are interested to have a part of this painting with you, I do signed paper prints in open edition or canvas prints in limited edition and larger sizes here: